Dedicated Desks & Work Statuses For Employees


Dedicated desk users do not need to book or cancel their desks. They can set their work status for each work day - In Office or Remote (Home or Other location). When employees are scheduled to work In Office and a Check-in required policy is applied, they can also check-in before work.

Check-in Before Work

When you are scheduled to work In Office and a Check-in required policy is in place, you can open the Web Portal and check in from the Dashboard. Click on the Check-in button:


You are also able to check-in from the following places:

Set Your Work Status & Location

Employees can change their work status for any day of the work week. The functionality is available from:

The Dashboard

Under My Schedule, you'll see the option to switch your work status for the day between Remote and In Office. In the example below, the employee is scheduled to work remotely on Friday 4. If they want to work from their dedicated desk in the office instead, they can click on the In Office button (1) and change their work status for the day (2):

In Office btn.png

The Schedule Page

Click on the work status shown under the specific date and choose the status you'd like to change to:

other loc 1.png

Here, you are also able to change your status to a remote location. Choose Other location (1) and type in the name of the location (2):


If you have an In Office booking for the day, this will cancel your booking for the day and release your desk.
Your colleagues will be able to see your schedule and where you work from each day of the week. This will help them plan their own schedules.


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