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KISI Mobile Access allows members to open doors with their mobile device using a button on the home screen of their organization's Branded App. Learn more about branded (white-label) apps.

The feature is only available for customers who have a Branded App. It is not available in the regular OfficeRnD Members App.


Enable or Disable The Feature In The Branded App

Enabling KISI Mobile Access happens through an update of your organization's Branded App which is carried out by our development team. Please mind the following:

1. New Customers who are about to request a Branded App need to specify that they want KISI Mobile Access enabled.

2. Existing Customers who already have their Branded App deployed should submit a support ticket to request an update with KISI Mobile Access. This can take up to 2 weeks.

3. To disable KISI Mobile Access, customers have to submit a ticket with a request to remove the KISI Mobile Access module from their Branded App.

KISI Integration Settings

The OfficeRnD KISI Integration has a setting called Unlock Method to manage users who use the Branded App as an unlocking method. It offers two options:

1. Unlock with KISI native methods

When enabled, all users will be created in KISI as not-confirmed. Therefore:

  • Users need to create a username and password from the KISI app or web page to use the KISI app as an unlocking method.
  • KISI Welcome email will be enabled by default.

  • KISI Access email (an email received by the end-user when they are granted access to a new group) could be enabled from the KISI Invitation Mail setting.

  • Can use Key Fobs or Cards to unlock doors.
The setting will be used as default for all customers who have connected the KISI integration before December 2023.

2. Unlock with OfficeRnD Branded App

When enabled, all users created in KISI by the OfficeRnD KISI integration will be added as managed users and will appear in KISI as confirmed users. Therefore:

  • Users won't have to authenticate and will be able to use the Branded App for door access straight away.
  • KISI Welcome email will be disabled by default.
  • KISI Access email (an email received by the end-user when they are granted access to a new group) could be enabled from the KISI Invitation Mail setting.
  • Members won't be able to authenticate in the KISI native app and use it. They will be able to use Key Fobs and Cards instead.

conf kisi.png


1. Only confirmed KISI users can use the OfficeRnD Branded App to unlock doors!

2. For customers who are switching from Unlock with KISI native methods to Unlock with OfficeRnD Branded App:

  • There might be users who are created in the customer’s KISI account as not-confirmed. To migrate not-confirmed users to confirmed users, the operator has to delete the users from their KISI account and allow the OfficeRnD KISI integration to recreate them as confirmed.
  • Users should be deleted from KISI after the Unlock With OfficeRnD Branded App setting is enabled.

How It Works

Once the Branded App of the organization is updated with the KISI Mobile Access module, all members logged in to the app will be able to see a small Key Button key icon.png in the bottom right corner of the Home Screen. The following conditions are in place, however:

  • The Key Button is available only on the Home Screen.
  • The Key Button is available only to users who have an access group assigned in OfficeRnD.

Hitting the Key Button for the first time will trigger the following actions:

1. The device will validate the user’s access rights and download an access key.

2. The app will start searching for a nearby lock.

3. Members might need to tap on the lock with the device so it can communicate with the lock.

Once the authentication process is completed, the app is going to download the digital key for the respective integration and attempt to search for a nearby lock. Depending on the lock model and vendor, members might need to tap on the lock with the device so it can communicate with it. At the moment the MotionSense feature is not available.


When using the Mobile Access feature, there are two types of feedback provided to the user:

1. From the device

Your device might show different notifications for features such as authentication, searching for locks, etc.

2. From the lock

The light indicator and sound alert from the physical lock are the most reliable form of feedback.

  • When the door cannot be unlocked - red light and sound alert. This would happen when the user does not have access rights.
  • When the door is unlocked successfully - green light and sound alert.
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