Stripe Integration 2.0


Stripe Integration 2.0 is a significant enhancement with many new features and improvements. This article will guide you through opting in and all of the benefits.

  • Currently, version 2.0 is available on a Opt-In basis. We encourage you to try the new version and you can easily revert to version 1 if needed.
  • You cannot use version 1 and 2 simultaneously.

How To Opt-In

Open the Admin Portal and navigate to Settings/Integrations. If your Stripe integration is active, you will see a notification with the possibility of upgrading to the new version. After you click on the button and confirm you want to activate version 2.0, you will be able to roll back to the old version from the same place.

From v1 to v2

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From v2 to v1


New in Version 2.0

1. The new Stripe integration lets you enable and disable payment methods directly in OfficeRnD. You no longer need to open the Stripe Dashboard to manage them. We also display only the payment methods available for you based on your Stripe Account's country setting and the currency of your organization.

stripe payment methods ideal.png

2. Instead of manually adding all the payment details for a customer from the admin portal, you can simply specify the location and an email is sent to the member/billing person/contact person. It contains a link that takes them to a page where they enter their Payment Details.

In addition to increased security, this method allows members to enter their payment details without registering in the Members Portal.

In case a customer does not respond to the payment details request, simply go through the process again and re-send the request.
3. The option to manually add payment details is still present. Admins can input credit card details on behalf of members in the Admin Portal. Additionally, verification won't be required for 3DS cards, although final acceptance is subject to individual bank policies. When such cards are charged, authentication is still required.
How it works?
  • Open a company profile and click on Add Payment Details. A dropdown menu appears with two options - Request Payment Details / Add Payment Details Manually
  • User is prompted to choose a location (if multiple are present)
  • The Add Payment Details modal is opened for the admin to fill out the credit card details.
manual payment details.png

4. Instant ACH verifications. Utilizing Stripe's financial connections feature we now allow members to connect to their bank and instantly verify their account. No need for micro deposits and waiting.

Note: Members can still fall back to micro deposits should they choose to or if their bank doesn't support the feature.

5. Added support for BECS direct debit payment method (Hello, Australia!) and Canadian PAD (CAD).

6. Added support for Cash App Pay to let customers easily authenticate payments in Cash App using their stored balance or linked card. Cash App Pay supports USD currency only, thus:

  • The organization must have USD set as the default currency, or
  • The member's currency should be set to USD with multi-currency enabled for the organization.

7. Added support for Google Pay for organizations in the supported countries and their currencies. Members can add their payment details and use Google Pay for shopping in the Member Portal.

8. Added support for iDEAL - a Netherlands-based payment method that allows customers to complete transactions online using their bank credentials. More information is available here.

Note: The checkbox can only be seen if the country connected to your account supports iDEAL. iDEAL is compatible with EUR only.

9. Added support for Stripe's Link autofill feature. Click here to learn more.

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