Find Colleagues On The Office Map Via External Link


Some customers have internal (intranet) websites with profile pages for each employee and they would like their colleagues to be able to see where a particular person is sitting in the office. Here's how to do that.

Setup Guide

1. Navigate to People/Employees and click on the Export button  export icon.png  to download your employee data in .CSV spreadsheet file format.


2. Open the .CSV file and get the MemberID for the employee from the ID column.


Alternatively, get the employee's e-mail address.

3. Create an URL for the user in the following format:{MEMBER_ID}




What is ORG_SLUG? This is what appears in the URL bar immediately after when you open the Admin Portal i.e.

You can also get it, or even modify it, from the Admin Site Url field in Settings/Organization/General tab.


4. Insert the link in your employee's profile page. It will open a new page in Hybrid called Find Colleague which is, effectively, your organization's Office Map page with pre-configured filters (i.e. Member ID, Date=Today, Location, Floor).

5. The Floorplan should zoom-in on the first booked or assigned desk found for that member:


If no desk is found for the user that day, the Colleague not in office message will be shown in place of the office map.

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