How Billing Works


Billing and invoicing is probably the most tedious task of managing a coworking space but it is also one of the most important parts of the job. There are multiple repetitive tasks and issues that you need to take care of every month to ensure your members are billed accurately, on time, and with the least friction.

Billing Operations 

OfficeRnD can completely automate the following billing operations for your office.

  1. Collect membershipone-off, and booking fees - on every billing cycle, OfficeRnD will collect all outstanding charges for the specified customer for the next billing cycle. Learn more.
  2. Generate invoices - OfficeRnD will generate the proper invoice(s) on your billing day (or based on the member day). Depending on your settings, it could be single or multiple invoices for every member. Learn more.
  3. Collect payments - if enabled, OfficeRnD will charge your members with Credit Card, Direct Debit, or ACH/SEPA.
  4. Sync invoices with accounting software - if enabled, OfficeRnD will sync the invoices with your preferred accounting software. Learn more.
  5. Send invoices - if enabled, OfficeRnD will send all invoices to your members.

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