Create a Plan Discount for a Membership


Give a customer discount by adding a percentage or a value amount discount to their membership. The system will then display the discount on all invoiced memberships over the life cycle of the member.

What You'll Need

Create a Plan Discount

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount and choose to add a Plan Discount.
    plan disc.png
  3. Give the discount a unique name in the Code field.
  4. Add the applicable plans in the Applies for field.
  5. Define the discount amount by setting a Percent Off or an Amount Off value.
    add plan disc.png
  6. When you're finished, click Add.

Apply the Discount on a Membership

The plan discounts you create can be applied directly to customer memberships and they will be taken into account for all non-invoiced periods after the discount is applied. 

  1. Open an existing membership or add a new membership. 
  2.  Find the Select Discount field next to the Price setting of the plan.
  3. Select a discount and review the changes in the price and the listed default price and discount amounts.
  4. Click Add or Update to apply the changes. 
Note: When the membership base plan has Extras, the discount you select will apply to all plan extras as well.

Next, when you create an invoice for the member, the membership line item will display the discounted amount and the discount value applied.

Note: Discounts of type "amount off" do not appear as separate line items during invoice creation, but they're still taken into account in the calculation of the invoice amount. The Amount Off discount will appear as a negative line item always, after the invoice is generated.

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