Stripe gives you the option to pay for services and memberships directly from OfficeRnD using your credit card and bank account. 

How It Works

Activate the Stripe Credit Card Integration

  1. If you don’t have a Stripe account, go to and create one.
  2. Open and navigate to Settings/Integrations in your organization.
  3. Activate the Stripe integration and click Connect.
  4. Enter your Stripe admin credentials and authenticate the connection. 
  5. Click Done and Stripe is activated for your organization.

You can then open the configuration for the integration to enable ACH/SEPA. Please note, that SEPA needs to be enabled in Stripe as well  in order to work. Please contact Stripe support for more information and their assistance with this, as it is required.

Send Receipts to Customers

Stripe can automatically send receipts to your customers when we charge them. Please refer to this post by Stripe on how to set up mailing receipts and how to customize their layout. Note that Stripe doesn’t send receipts for transactions made in test mode (i.e. if you use the test key pair). 

How to add a credit card in the member portal

  1. Log in to the member portal
  2. Click on Billing
  3. Select Payment and Billing Details
  4. Choose Add credit card


How to add a credit card in the admin portal

  1. Navigate to Community/Companies or Community/Members, depending on whether you want to add the card to the company or to the member)
  2. Open a specific company or member
  3. Click on the '+' button next to Payment Details


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