Member/Company Statuses and Labels


Members and companies have different statuses and labels depending on different parameters or events. This article goes over the different labels and statuses that members and companies can have and what they mean.



OfficeRnD member and company statuses are automatically set by the platform. They are the result of the memberships and one-off fees that the members have.

  • Contact - A member of the community (company member or an individual) who doesn't use any of the space services and membership plans.
  • Inactive - A company that has no memberships or has never consumed products.
  • Active  - Member or company with at least one active membership.
  • Drop-in - A company or a member who is an occasional user in the space and has purchased at least one one-off services. It could also be a former member that consumed one-off services after leaving the space.
  • Pending - Individual or Company who has a starting membership in the future. It could be either a new member or a former one that is going to restart their membership.
  • Lead - Individual or Company who has open opportunities.
  • Former - Individual or Company who has all their memberships terminated.
  • Not Approved - Valid for both individuals or companies, and it can be achieved when a member adds a plan that requires approval through the sign-up flow.
If you set the status of a member manually to Former or Contact, their access to the member portal is revoked. If they become Former due to their membership expiring, they retain their access.

Company & Member Status Correlations

The following correlations apply between the member status and their company status when the member status is set to Auto:

  • As long as the company's status is Active, the status of its members will be set to Active as well, unless they have been set to Former/Contact manually.
  • When a member of a company without memberships gets a personal membership, this sets the status of the company and its members to Active, unless they have been set to Former/Contact manually.


OfficeRnD member and company labels are added automatically by the platform.

  • New - A member or a company that has a single membership, that starts this calendar month. 
  • Upgrading - A member or a company with an existing membership that has a new membership starting this calendar month.
  • Downgrading - A member or a company with one or several terminated memberships ending this calendar month. 
  • Leaving - A member or a company with all memberships ending this calendar month.؜

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