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This article will home in on how contract statuses, signature states, and stages operate within OfficeRnD.

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  • Active - the contract is signed and its term has started in correspondence with its start date.
  • Up for renewal - the contract is 1 month away from its notice period. For example, if the notice period is 3 months, the contract will move to an 'Up for renewal' stage 4 months before its end date (1 + 3 months).
  • Not Renewed - the contract is still active but passed the renewal period so it’s currently in a notice period.
  • Notice Served - a notice has been served by either the customer or the space manager that the contract will not be renewed and the customer will leave. You need to manually move the contract in this stage by clicking the 'Serve Notice' option.
  • Expired - the contract is no longer active.
  • Terminated - the contract is terminated. A contract can be terminated by clicking on its cogwheel and selecting Terminate. The system presents you with a list of predefined reasons for termination so that you can specify the cause and provide further details. 


  • Draft - the contract is not yet approved by the approver. This status will be available only if you enable the contract approval functionality under Settings/Platform Modules/Contracts.
  • Not Signed - the contract is approved but it is not yet signed by the customer.
  • Canceled - the contract is canceled and the customer will not sign it.
  • Signed - the contract is signed by the customer.
  • Terminated - the contract is terminated.

Signature Stages

  • Manually Signed - Manually signed by an admin of the organization.
  • Requires Attention - It is displayed when there is a problem with the resources in the contract.
  • Out For Signature (only available with eSignatures) - The contract is sent to the customer for an eSignature.
  • E Signed (only available with eSignatures) - The contract is successfully e-Signed from both parties.
  • Declined (only available with eSignatures) - The contract is declined after it has been sent for e-Signature.
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