OfficeRnD integrates with PayPal as a payment gateway. This integration enables your members to use PayPal to pay online for their monthly and one-off services. If you have a business merchant account with PayPal, you can follow this procedure to integrate it into your OfficeRnD organization.

Before we dive into details, please read more about our payment gateway integrations.

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!

Note: The PayPal integration uses reference transactions. However, PayPal has a monthly transaction threshold that needs to be reached in order to qualify for reference transactions. This limit is 10,000$. If your monthly total payment volume is more than 10,000$, you might need to consider another payment gateway.


In order to enable OfficeRnD to provide PayPal as a payment option for members, you need to collect the PayPal API credentials and configure the integration following these steps:

  1. Open the PayPal developer page and sign in with your PayPal merchant account credentials. 
  2. Head to the My Apps & Credentials section.
  3.  Scroll down to the REST API apps subsection and click on Create App. The Application Details window will pop up, where you need to:
    • Under App Name, enter OfficeRnD.
    • Under Sandbox developer account leave the account generated by default or pick whichever Sandbox developer account, you'd like to use.
    • Click Create App

      : PayPal provides two modes - a sandboxed and a live mode. Using fictitious Sandbox test accounts and their associated authentication credentials, you can test the OfficeRnD integration without referencing any real PayPal users or their live PayPal accounts. This lets you fine-tune your OfficeRnD and PayPal routines before moving your live user details.

  4. At this step, you should be looking at the OfficeRnD app details. At the top right, there should be a toggle between two sets of credentials - one for the Sandbox and one for the Live version. If you want to test the integration, stay on the Sandbox page. If you're ready to start syncing the live PayPal accounts of your members, toggle to the Live page.
  5. Copy the Client ID.
  6. Open a new browser tab and log into OfficeRnD.
  7. Navigate to Settings/Integrations and in the Payment Gateways section, click on PayPal.

  8. Click Activate to open the Add PayPal Integration window.

  9. Under Client ID enter the value you copied from your PayPal account in step 5. You can find a way to find the Client ID again in Step 4.
  10. Go back to the PayPal browser tab and under Secret, click Show. Copy the revealed value and paste it into OfficeRnD under Client Secret.
  11. If you're using the Sandbox PayPal credentials, select the Use PayPal sandbox environment. option to let OfficeRnD know that you'll be operating in a test mode.
  12. In order to enable OfficeRnD to charge members' invoices via PayPal, you need to enable the Reference Transactions in your PayPal merchant's account and select the Accept recurring payments option in the OfficeRnD PayPal integration. If the feature is not enabled, users will still be able to pay their charges via the members portal using the Pay Now button.

    What are Reference Transactions? When a user performs a transaction in PayPal, they generate a Transaction ID. This ID, or token, can be used by third-party systems to initiate subsequent transactions.

    OfficeRnD uses the Transaction ID to automatically charge invoices and to enable space administrators to charge the stored PayPal credentials manually to initiate a payment on an invoice. In order to acquire your API credentials for recurring payments, please follow the steps described in this PayPal documentation article.
  13. Click Add.
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