How to Cancel or Pause a Membership


Sometimes members leave the space for a given period and then come back a few months later. This is not a usual case but it happens and there is a way to reflect that in the system.

In OfficeRnD we achieve this by canceling and then re-creating a membership. 


1. In the Community module, click on Companies or Members and open a profile page. Let's say there is a membership that started on January 20, 2023 and you need to pause it from February 20 until March 20, 2021.



2. In the Memberships section, click the cogwheel icon next to the plan and select Cancel.

The Cancel button only works if there is no End date specified for the membership. If you have created it with an End date, please Edit the membership and amend the End date accordingly.


3. Select an end date for the membership - in this example, it's February 20, 2023. Next, click Cancel Membership.


4. Click the Add membership button and select a starting date – the date of their return - in this example March 20, 2021.

Sometimes members leave their setup fees and deposits in the space. If that's the case, remove the Deposit amount when creating the new membership. This way, you won't charge the member again.

As a result of this procedure, the Memberships grid should list two separate instances of the same membership plan:


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