Integrating with Braintee enables you to collect payments online. Here's how to activate and manage this integration in OfficeRnD.

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!

Activate Braintree Integration

  1. If you don’t have a Braintree account, please create one.
  2. In your account's Dashboard, click on Account in the top-side navigation menu. From the Account drop-down, select Merchant Account Info. In that page, you can find your Merchant ID and Merchant Account ID. It will be needed to finish up the integration's setup. 
  3. In your account's Dashboard, look for Settings on the top-side navigation menu. From the Settings drop-down, select API Keys. In that page, you can generate and find your Public and Private Keys as well as the Tokenization Key. They will be needed to finish up the integration's setup. 
  4. In separate tab, open OfficeRnD and navigate to Settings/Integrations in your organization.
  5. Activate the Braintree integration and click Configure.
  6. Copy and paste the Merchant ID, Merchant Account IDPublic and Private keys to the corresponding fields. Be careful not to switch them – you should keep the secret key secret by entering it in the proper field (as we will hide it from the other users). The Tokenization Key should be entered in the Client Authorization field.
  7. Click Done and Braintree is activated for your organization.

Setting up the AVS rules in Braintree

OfficeRnD's integration with Braintree doesn't support the AVS rules that can be enforced in Braintree. In order for the integration to function correctly, the AVS section has to be edited and the required fields inside it have to be disabled.
  1. You can log into Braintree and go to Fraud Management.
    There you'll find the AVS settings. Here you can click on Options:
  2. After you do that, you'll see the following fields - disable all of them and save the changes:

After disabling the AVS rules, you should be able to successfully sync details to OfficeRnD with Braintree.

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