Moneris is a payment gateway best suited for clients in Canada or USA. Before we dive into details, make sure to check what payment gateway integrations we offer.


As it is currently in beta, it needs to be enabled by an admin. Once enabled, a dialog window will present a choice as to which location do you wish to handle. You can skip the selection and this way it will handle all locations.

  1. Once enabled, you can click on configure under it(Settings/Integrations/Configure) and it will open the window presented below. The Store Id, Tokenization Profile Id and API Token can be taken from your Moneris account. If you don't have one, you'll have to create it at
  2. Log into the Moneris online
  3. Click Activate My Store
  4. You'll be asked to verify the information sent to you in the document from Moneris:
    • merchant account number
    • Store ID
    • Password:
      • if this is not the first time - enter your password
      • If this is the first time, then you'll be asked to create a password. The Username will need to be something memorable that can be shared among folks in the office who will have access to the Moneris Virtual Terminal online. The temporary password is a one-use password that will be changed upon the first log-in.
  5. Once inside, go to Admin>Store Settings. You will find your API token there. Copy it and paste it in the appropriate field in the OfficeRnD configuration(Settings/Integrations/Configure).
  6. Next, you'll need a Tokenization profile ID. You can get it from your Moneris account, Admin>Hosted Tokenization.
  7. The final step is to select a country, even though the only choice is Canada. Click Done and your integration is ready.


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