Property Types

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The property types main role is when creating a custom property.
Each type behaves differently and the choice of which one to use depends on the situation.

  1. String - String type can contain a free written text. Suitable for a short text like an address, for example.
  2. Text - Text type is almost the same as string. The only difference is that in the UI, the box with the text can be resized so you can read the contents easier. Possibly, this makes it more convenient for longer texts like a description or a Bio. 
  3. Number - This type can contain numbers and  "." as a decimal separator. The maximum length of the number before the decimal point is 22 digits, and the maximum length after the decimal point is 2 digits . Eg 20.33 is a valid number, but 20.333 is not . This type of field also includes arrows that increase/decrease the value by 1
  4. File - this type adds the possibility to upload a file.
  5. Date- Date type is a field where you can manually input a date, but for easier use, it includes a button that opens a date picker menu.
  6. Boolean- Boolean type is a checkbox property. It has two states, true (when the checkbox is marked) and false (when the checkbox is not marked). By default, the value is false.
  7. Select - Select is a drop down menu property type. When you choose Select, a new field appears underneath, called "Values". There, you can input 1 or more values, separated by commas (eg. value1,value2,value3) Each value will be available in the drop down menu. 
  8. Multi-Select - This type is very similar to Select type, the difference being that you can choose more than one of the values in the drop down menu, by selecting the checkbox next to each of them.
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