How to Record a Deposit

Deposits are fees that customers usually pay whenever they're renting a resource for a set period of time, e.g an office. They're meant as proof of intent to move-in and care for the space that the member/company is going to occupy.

Recording a Deposit

There are currently a couple of ways to record a deposit, regardless of which one you use, the one-off fee that is recorded in the system will receive the Deposit tag, when invoiced and will be allocated to the default deposits revenue account.

  • Create a billing plan which account is set to be the default revenue account that is used for deposits.

  • Add a manual fee and enable "Bill in advance" and "Refundable":

  • You can specify a deposit for each particular resource. That way when you're assigning a membership the deposit field will be automatically pre-filled with the deposit amount entered for that specific resource.
    Note: This amount can be overridden when assigning a membership/creating a contract for that membership. More on that in the next part of the article.


  • When assigning a membership that uses a billing plan which has a type of "Private office" the system will automatically add a "Deposit" field, where you can enter the desired amount.
    Once you're done with the assigning of the membership, the deposit will be automatically created as a one-off fee under the company/member's profile.

Next Steps

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