Temporarily Discount a Membership

Sometimes you might want to provide a member of your community with a temporary discount for their monthly recurring membership. 

How it Works

Create a Discount

First of all, a discount must be created:

  1. Navigate to Billing / Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount and choose to add a Plan Discount.
  3. Select the applicable plans.
  4. Define the discount amount by setting a Percent Off or an Amount Off value - for example, to create a full discount, set 100%.
  5. Give the discount a unique name in the Code field.

Cancel Your Customer's Current Membership

  1. Open your customer's profile and find their current membership
  2. Use the cogwheel next to the membership's name and click Cancel 
  3. Set the End Date to match the end of the non-discounted period and click Cancel Membership. Carefully consider when should the discount starts based on the last invoiced period of this membership. Discounts cannot affect already created invoices and it is important to ensure the discount is applied at the start of the next not-invoiced period.

    Use the Show Invoices option to find the last invoiced period of membership.

  4. Add a new membership with a discount, starting from 17.03 to 31.03

Create a New Membership and Apply the Discount

Next, you will create a new membership for your customer. Its Start Date and End Date should match the discounted period. 

  1. Create a new membership
  2.  In the Select Discount field select the appropriate discount. 
  3. Review the changes in the price, the default price and discount amounts.
  4. Set the proper Start Date and End Date values to describe the start and end of the discounted period
  5. Click Add to apply the changes. 


Create A Full-Price Membership to Start After the Discounted Period

Optionally, at this point, you can also create the full-price membership to start after the discounted period. This way you essentially describe a stepped deal in the customer account where the system will know to automatically charge the customer differently depending on the invoiced period.

If you want to create a brand new membership, you can follow this procedure. 

Alternatively, you can clone the customer's original membership and adjust its Start Date, End Date, and Resource

  1. Find the customer's original membership
  2. Use the cogwheel next to it and select Clone
  3. Adjust the Resource, Start Date, and optionally the End Date of the membership.

As a result, your company profile will have multiple memberships - each for a different period and a different price. OfficeRnD revenue and occupancy reports will accurately display the discounted period and report the proper revenue generated by the customer in the given resource for the given period. 




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  • Unfortunately, this process creates inaccurate churn for your co-working space. A discount end date would be a greatly appreciated feature.¬†


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