Set Up Benefits

The Benefits page in the members portal lets you list all of the benefits that your members will be privileged to after they join your co-working space. These could be membership cards, discounted car parking slots, food vouchers, and more.

How to add benefits

You can create customizable benefit pages by clicking on the Add Benefit button. The details which you can specify are:

  • Name
  • Location - the location for which this benefit will apply.
  • Description - brief text shown under the title and cover image.
  • Category - you can sort the benefits by category in the members portal. Each category will appear as a separate tab.

  • URL - you can link an external URL to the benefit.
  • Logo - with the preferred size of 150px width by 150px height.
  • Cover Image - with the preferred size of 865px width by 454 height.
  • Content - shown when you open the page of the benefit.


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