How to set up a separate tax rate for a customer


In OfficeRND you can use various ways to set up tax rates. You can set them up on an account level or you can set up a tax policy.

There is some additional settings for taxes in Billing Settings. They determine if a tax rate should be applied for the entire space and whether it should be included in the prices set for your billing plans.

You can also set a tax rate for a specific member or company. We will explore how you can do that in this article.

How to Set a Specific Tax Rate For a Customer

To set up a specific tax rate for a customer, you can use one of the existing tax rates, or create a tax rate.
Check our article on how to set up tax rates.

  1. Open a company or member profile and click on the Edit button.
  2. In the newly opened window, click on the tab called Billing Details.
  3. In it, there is a row called Currency/Tax Rate. It contains a drop-down menu where you can select the tax rate for that member or company.
    If you have set up any other tax rates for your billing plans or specific billing accounts, the personal tax rate for the member/company will override any other tax rates.


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