How to set up a separate tax rate for a customer


In OfficeRND you can use various ways to set up tax rates.
You can set them up on an account level or you can set up a tax policy.

There is some additional settings for taxes, which you can find in the billing settings section - those can determine if a tax rate should be applied for the whole space and whether it should be included or excluded from the prices you have set for your billing plans.

There is a third, more personalised option, as well - you can set a tax rate for a specific member/company and in this article we will explore how you can do that.

How to set a specific tax rate for a customer

In order to set up a specific tax rate for a customer you can use one of the already existing tax rates or in more specific cases you can create a tax rate just for that customer.
See our article on how to set up tax rates here.

  1. If you go to a company's/member's profile you will be able to click the "Edit" button.
  2. In the newly opened window there should be a tab called "Billing Settings".
  3. In it there is a row called "Currency/Tax Rate" - the right side of the row contains the the drop-down field where you can select the tax rate that is going to be specific for that member/company.
  4. By selecting a tax rate from that drop-down you will be able to apply a specific tax rate just for that customer.
    Note: If you have set up any other tax rates for your billing plans or for specific billing accounts, the personal tax rate for the member/company will override any other tax rates.


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