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If you are wondering how to send your members an invite to the members portal, please follow the below steps to enable their access:

1. Create a member profile from your admin portal. If not yet created, please navigate to Community/Members/Add Member.


2. If the member profile already exists in the system, navigate to the member's profile to enable access. Please make sure the member does have a valid email address. If not, you wouldn't be able to set access to the members portal. 

3. Once you are in the member's profile, enable Members Portal Access from the toggle.


Note: If an error pops up saying user has existing permissions - it means there is (or was) a member profile already registered in the system, with the same email address and permissions, that has been removed by the admin team. To restore permissions, please contact support@officernd.com.

In OfficeRnD, we advise our customers to remove the access permissions by clicking on the disable button first, before deleting the member profile. 

4. Once access to the portal is enabled, the member will receive a welcome email with an access token valid for 72 hours. 

5. If a member misses accessing his or her email within the allotted time frame, admins could resend an invite by using the following two options:

  1. Click the disable access button from the member's profile and enable it. This would send another welcome email to the customer valid for another 72 hours. 
  2. Navigate to Community/Users - select the member and click on the blue invite button to resend an invitation.


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