Opportunities represent past or pending deals for a company or a member that you want to work with and/or track. They can play a major role in businesses, as they are mostly used to forecast sales in an organization.

In OfficeRnD, opportunities can be used to track potential deals with your customers regarding resources in your space. In other words, opportunities are people or accounts that have been qualified. You’ve called these contacts and talked about their needs. You’ve assessed their fit. They’re in your pipeline and are in touch with you. You are optimistic about eventually closing the deal.

How do I Create Opportunities?

Opportunities can be created by navigating to Community/Opportunities and clicking on Add opportunity:


The following dialog opens:


The Add Opportunity dialog has the following options:

  • Specify the name of the Company and Member that are the Contact for the deal. It's not necessary to create a Contact first, and then add an Opportunity. You can simply click Add new under the drop-down menu. This will allow you to create a contact while you're creating the Opportunity.
    If you decide to add a new contact, the moment you click on Add to create the opportunity, a new user profile with the status Lead will be added to your organization.
  • You should also add a Name and Status of the deal. These, along with Contact, are all mandatory fields and must be specified for the Opportunity to be created.
  • There are three default values for Status0% (Lost),10% (Open), and 100% (Won). You must choose one of them to start. Later, you can overwrite the status by manually entering a Probability for the deal to be closed.
    You can also create additional statuses for your opportunities. More on how to do that can be found below in the article.
  • You can enter a Deal size and Company size. Deal size is the revenue you expect to win from this opportunity. Company size is the expected number of new members you'll add.
  • Probability and Date are entered according to your own judgment. You can decide the probability of closing this deal (in percentages) and the prospective closing date.
  • Although not mandatory, it's important to specify the Resource which is associated with this opportunity. Later on, this can be used to view opportunities on the Floor Plan for the specific location. Open the floor plan and click on the zone where the resource with an opportunity is assigned.


What Happens When I Add an Opportunity?

After an opportunity is created, the contact for the opportunity (company, member, or both) will get a profile in your organization with the status of Lead. If a deal is won or lost, the status of the contact will be changed to Inactive until fees and memberships are assigned. 

If a deal is lost, the profile of the contact will not be automatically removed from the system. If you wish to remove them from the system, you would need to manually delete the profiles.

How do I Add Additional Properties to Opportunities? 

It's possible to do this by utilizing custom properties. You can read more about them here.
Below are a few examples of what additional properties you can add:

  • Source - this will create a text field where you can enter the name/short description of your source for the opportunity. The type of this custom resource should be string.
  • Notes - this can be used to add more detailed notes to the opportunity. The type of this custom resource should be text.
  • Tour date - often a tour might be requested for an opportunity. It'd be useful to have this additional property so that you can set the date. The type of this custom resource should be date.

How do I Add Additional Statuses?

Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Community and look for Opportunity Statuses.

opp stat.png

Here, you can add additional statuses. You can give each a specific Name, Probability, Description and Colour. With custom statuses, you won't have to manually enter a probability when you want something other than the default 3 statuses.

You can also sync opportunities by using a CRM integration, such as Capsule and HubSpot.
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  • Is it possible to automatically create opportunities when someone books a tour? I would think the system would be able to recognize that someone setting up a tour, would be a sales lead/ opportunity. 


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