The Members Report can help you track all of your members’ status activity. This report is going to give you an easy-to-understand overview that can help you make informed decisions for your space.


The report provides valuable information about your space. You can check how many new members have joined or how many have left, and the information can be conveniently narrowed to a specific time period.


The fields and what they represent are as follows:

  • New Members - this specifies the number of new members that were added in the month.
  • Lost Members - this specifies the number of members marked as former in the month.
  • Active Members - this specifies the number of members that were active for at least one day of the month.
  • Net New/Churned Members - this represents the difference between the new and lost members in the selected month.

  • Net Growth - the Net Growth percentage is calculated as follows:
    Net Growth % = Net New/Churned Members ÷ (Active Members - New Members)


members filters.png

  • You can choose a specific time period (From - To) for an overview of the members’ status activity.
  • You can filter the grid by Custom Properties. Click on the drop-down menu next to the time period and choose the desired custom property. Learn more about custom properties.

Clickable Elements

Clicking on the numbers in the New Members and Active Members fields will send you straight to the Community/Members page. There, you can find more specific metrics for each member.

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Export Data

Click the Export button export.png in the top-right corner of the page. The data will be exported as a .CSV spreadsheet file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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