About Us (Admins)


OfficeRnD allows you to set up an About Us page that contains general information regarding your organization, as well as your locations and staff.


About Us Page

The About Us page as seen in the members portal contains 3 distinct sections:

  1. Description/ General Information
  2. Locations
  3. Our Team


Description/ General Information

The information in this section can be set up by navigating to  Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages. Scroll down until you see the About Us section.


Here you can enable/disable the About Us page for the members portal, by clicking on the checkbox next to the About Us Page.

  1. Headline - input a custom headline. By default, this field is blank. In the example above, this is the General Information line.
  2. Description - you can input general text description.
  3. Image - upload an image.


All locations that are opened will be displayed in this section. Each location will contain a name, address, and description.

  1. Name, Description, and Image - all three of them can be edited by navigating to Space/Locations and clicking on the location you wish to edit. Under the General tab, you will find the Name and Description fields, as well as the Image Upload/Change button.2020-09-17_22-38-09.png
  2. Address - the address filed is located in the Address tab next to the General tab.


Our Team

The final section of the About Us page. Here, all Active Members of the Admin Company will be displayed. The information each member will display is dictated by the Privacy settings that can be found by navigating to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages


If Show member's contact details is enabled, the telephone and e-mail of the Admin will be displayed. 

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