How to Customize Contract Templates with eSign Signature Properties


To get the best out of the eSign functionality, you can use special properties in the OfficeRnD contract templates. If you have eSign activated, the signatures would normally appear at the last page of the PDF document. Should you wish to set another section for them, please take a look at the below steps.

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Contract Templates

You can find your Contract Templates under Settings/Templates/Contracts. By default, you will have three of them:

  • Lease Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Membership Agreement

Clicking on each one will open the template dialog where you can customize the document layout by either using the text Editor or Code.

How to Add the eSign Properties

There are signature properties exposed for both parties - for your organization and for your client.

  • Organization's side:

[orgESignTag("text", 20)] - field for entering a free text
[orgESignTag("date", 20)] - date of signing
[orgESignTag("sig", 20)] - signature field

  • Client's side

[memberESignTag("text", 20)] - field for entering a free text
[memberESignTag("date", 20)] - date of signing
[memberESignTag("sig", 20)] - signature field

In each of the templates, there are defined signature fields for both parties. Let's take the Lease Agreement as an example:


In order to use these fields during the eSign process, you'd need to add the above custom properties one each of the lines:

1. Click next to the item you wish to map with a property, e.g. click next to Name:

2. Click on the Insert Property dropdown menu.

3. Select the needed property.

4. Complete the process for both sides. Please make sure you choose the correct property for each line and side.

5. Save the template.

Afterward, each successfully signed contract will have the signature details on these exact fields.


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