How to Approve a Membership


In general, plans can be configured to require approval upon purchase from the members portal. This configuration can be done if you follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to Billing/Plans and click on one of the billing plans added in your organization.
  • Open the Portal tab and enable the "Request Approval" option.Screenshot_2020-11-26_002929.jpg

This article covers the process of how admins approve memberships on their end.

In order to finalize the procedure of signing up, the potential member has to click on the "Send Request" button, which triggers an email to the admin with the following subject:

OfficeRnD - New Member Request.

The content of the email includes the name of the requester, an Order Summary which shows the Product Name of the purchase, as well as the date of the purchase, and a hyperlink which forwards the admin to the member's profile page in the admin portal in order to approve the membership.

There are two ways to approve a membership:

1. Directly through a member's profile page


In order to approve the membership, you will simply need to click on it and click on the "Approve" button.


2. By navigating to the Memberships section

There is a way you can see all memberships and their current statuses. 

Simply navigate to Community>Memberships. On top of the page, you will see all the memberships including the Not Approved ones. If you want to approve a membership, click on it and choose the Approve option at the bottom of the page.

One step further:

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