How to Add a Membership for Another Location

Sometimes, your members might need to have a membership from another location. While this is not fully supported, there is a workaround that you can use.

However, there are certain limitations in place:

  • Billing and Revenue will fall under the default location of the company;
  • The company will not appear under Community in the Members portal as part of the other location.

If this workaround is not applicable to your needs, then we suggest creating a duplicate of the same company under the other location(s).

What you'll need

Please make sure you know how to Add a Billing Plan and How to Create a Membership.

How it Works

Let's say that Company X belongs to Location A. However, you need to add a membership from Location B, because they will use a service or a resource there. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Navigate to Company X's profile page.

2. Click Edit and change the location from A to B.


3. Go to the Memberships section and click Add membership.

4. Select the needed one from the Plan dropdown menu.

5. Adjust the details and click Add.


6. Edit the company again and revert the location back to A.

Now you have added a membership for another location.

Note: The invoicing and revenue of that membership will be accounted for the company's default location. The revenue will not be split between both locations. Also, Members will not be able to see Company X's details in the Members Portal when they look at the Community module for Location B.
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