How to Fix "Requires Attention" Signature Status for a Contract


In some cases, the system prevents you from activating a contract. It's in Requires Attention status and displays an error message: The contract could not be activated due to errors. You will be able to see what is causing the error in the red notification field:

activate c.png

Here are some scenarios where such a message is shown and how to resolve them.

'The resource is not available for the requested period'

If you see this error message, you will need to change the Available From and/or To date of the particular resource. You can do that either from the Floorplan or from the Space module.

  1. From the Floorplan, click on the resource (office, desk, etc.) and look for the Edit button on the top-right.
  2. In the Space section, all you need to do is click on a resource's name to open the same menu.

Each resource has an Available From and To field.



'The resource with the name XXX is occupied by YYY starting from the start date until the end date'

If a resource being occupied, you need to:

  1. Find the resource in question, click on the cogwheel and choose History.

  2. In the newly opened window, click on the trash bins next to the move-in/move-out activities.

  3. Click on the checkmark to clear the history of the resource. Here, you can learn more about tackling Resource History.

  4. You can go back to the contract's page and use the Activate Contract option to mark the contract as Signed. This will generate all memberships and fees described in it as usual.

Edit the Contract

Another solution is to Edit the contract and make the necessary changes. You can do that by opening the contract (or the cogwheel next to it) and clicking on Edit. Note that only unsigned contracts can be edited.

edit con.png

If any unresolved issues remain, you will receive an error message notifying you of the problems.

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