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Before reading this article, we would recommend taking a look at our help article on Invoicing to familiarize yourself with the way invoicing works in OfficeRnD and how Accounts tie to that.

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Accounts Settings

The Accounts settings can be found by navigating to Settings/Billing /Accounts. The section can be used to:

  1. Add a new Account

  2. Remove an Account

  3. Modify an already existing account and specify its Tax Rate.

By default, there are four pre-set accounts: Booking fees, Deposits, Membership fees, One-off Fees.

Note: When a line is manually added to an invoice it will always by default appear under the One-off fee account.

All amounts listed in a Deposit field (e.g. in the billing plans, memberships, contracts, and/or for any of your assignable resources) go by default to the Deposits account and are marked as refundable.

Creating an account

To create a new account click the "Add account" button on the top right corner of the screen in Settings/Billing/Accounts. You can set up the new account's properties listed below:

  • Name - the name with which the new account will appear;

  • Unique code - this field can remain empty - it can be used for specific tasks handled by our development team;

  • Description - a description of the Account.

  • Default for - this field will appear only for default accounts. In the field, you'll be able to see the item for which the account is created - bookings, fees etc.
    You can distinguish the default accounts from the rest as they have a padlock icon next to their name. 

  • Color - this is the color with which the tax will appear in an invoice.

  • Tax Rate - from the dropdown menu you can select the tax rate that will be applied to the new account. Before a tax can be selected it has to be created in the Tax Rates tab, which is next to the Accounts tab.

To finish the creation process click the Add button.


Remove an account

To remove an account from the Accounts section click the cogwheel next to its name and select Delete. The default accounts CANNOT BE DELETED. However, they can be modified. Please note that we don't recommend changing the default accounts as it can lead to mismatching of data (e.g. the deposits and one-off fees accounts are ones we would advise you to keep as they are, even if you won't use them).

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