Start Setting Up OfficeRnD


In this video guide, we will show you how to set up and start using the OfficeRnD Coworking Management Platform. The platform helps the world’s best workspaces deliver better experiences to their customers, more power to their brand, and sustainable growth to their business.

Maximize Productivity

Streamline and automate back-end processes to save time and maximize productivity. Rely on real-time dashboards and reports to make educated decisions and focus energy where it matters most.

Improve the Member Experience 

Put members on the driver seat with web and native mobile apps that are completely branded. Enable them to control day-to-day tasks and engage with each other.

Integrate Easily

Connect OfficeRnD to systems already in place to keep your current operational processes. Streamline accounting, payments, access control and more through dozens of native integrations.

🦉 Hint: If you're a new customer that is just starting with the platform, we've prepared a Glossary that will help you get acquainted with the common terms and functionalities in OfficeRnD. You can review those here.


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