Set Up Your Account

Login here and set up your account so that administrator emails can be configured. This video will show you how. Once you are ready, ask your team to join you 🔗 in OfficeRnD.

Action Items

  1. Upload your logo and organization information.
  2. Set up the three emails for notifications, reply to and from email.
  3. Invite your colleagues. Read more about the different permission levels you can create for administrators in the system.
  4. Set up the billing details of your company under. These details will be automatically printed on the invoices generated from OfficeRnD.
  5. Enter credit card details for your monthly OfficeRnD subscription.

OfficeRnD is under intense development and gets updated constantly. Therefore, you may spot some differences in the UI between the videos and the platform. Generally, the instructions remain the same. Please refer to our help articles for the most up-to-date information.

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