What are Markups?


Markups are the difference between the selling price of a good/service and its cost. It's usually represented in percentages, therefore making it a ratio. In OfficeRnD, you can add markups to one-off billing plans.

How to add Markups

Markups are only available for one-off billing plans. There's no option to add markups for recurring billing plans. These are usually reserved for memberships that usually don't have a markup applied to them. See our article on how to set up a billing plan.

To manually add a markup, navigate to Billing & Products/Plans. Click on Add plan and choose One-off. You'll find the option for markups in the Billing tab:

add plan.png

Since Markups are ratios, the percentage you entered will be added to the base price of the membership. This will form the total cost of the one-off:


When you finalize the creation of the billing plan, you'll be able to assign one-off fees to members and companies. When you do that, the markup will be displayed on a separate row.


The Markup field that you're seeing when adding a fee is not going to be editable, as this is a setting that stems directly from the billing plan. If you'd like to change the markup, you have to change the Billing plan itself

Likewise, editing a billing plan and changing the Markup will not change existing one-off fees that have utilized that billing plan.

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