Multi-Location Payment Details


Different locations can have different billing entities tied to different payment gateway integrations. By adding location-specific payment details for each member/company, the integration will know which payment details to use depending on the location.

Note: This functionality will be active only if you have chosen the "Multi-location" option in the Multi-location Billing settings. Learn how to enable it here

Request Payment Details for a Location in the Admin Portal

When you want to add payment details for a member/company in the Admin Portal, you can do so from the + button in the Payment Details section of the profile. Click on it and choose Add Direct Debit.


Once you click on the button, a dialogue box will open that will allow you to choose for which location to add the payment details.

req paym dets.png

Choose the location and click on Request Payment Details. An e-mail will be sent to the company's contact email where the contact person will be prompted to securely enter their payment information.

Once the payment details are added, you can choose if they are available for more locations than the one you picked when adding them. Click on the cogwheel next to the newly added payment details and choose Edit:


In the dialog that opens, choose the locations and click on Save.


Note: at least one location must be selected, or the Save button will not be available.

Invoice Payment Options

  • The suggested payment details for any given invoice match those available for the same location as that of the invoice

  • The Charge button will not appear if there are no payment details for the location of the invoice. If there are, it will show and list all applicable payment details for that location.

E-commerce flows, Bookings

  • The payment flow for products/bookings depends on the Multi-location billing setting. It can be set to Home location or Multi-location to determine which location to use in the fee. If it’s set to Home location - the home location of the company/member will be used. If it’s set to Multi-location - the product’s location will be used.

  • These rules apply regardless of the configuration of the Purchase flows in Settings/Billing Settings/Purchase Flows.

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