Multi-Organization Linking


If you have multiple organizations (accounts) within OfficeRnD Flex, you can take advantage of our global mobility options. While keeping your admin organizations separate, you can enable your members to switch between your member portals and browse through all locations under your brand.

This way, members who travel between different locations and countries will have a seamless experience booking services and rooms from the members portal.

Please note:

  • Multi-Organization Linking is only available for public/open locations.
  • Travelers do not impact the Data Hub KPIs.


Multi-organizations Linking Explained

Once Multi-organization linking is enabled, all your member portals will be linked to each other through a member-facing switch option. Then, members will be able to easily switch between the different organizations while still keeping their profile in their home location. They can purchase new memberships, book rooms or hot desks, and easily plan their journey between the different locations under your brand.

On the admin side, you'll be able to:

  • Quickly review how many such 'travelers' you have in your spaces.
  • Their profiles will be replicated across all organizations they visit and your front-desk team will be able to quickly find their information, purchases, and bookings while recognizing them as users of your brand.

What do Members See on the Portal

When you link the members' portals of multiple organizations, we'll make all your current portals available through a Switch Organizations button. Then every member will be able to click on their profile picture and switch between your organizations.

The Switch Organizations button will not be visible to the member if its organization is linked to organizations that only have draft/closed locations.


Once the member switches to a new organization, they will be asked to accept any required Terms & Conditions. Then they will be able to explore the services available in the new location they visit.

In the members portal, members are recognized on a brand level. If a member has an active subscription in any of your locations and organizations, on the members portal across all organizations, they will have access to everything that an active member can usually access.

For example, if an active member switches to an organization in another country, they will have access to all pages on the members portal. At the same time, a drop-in user won't have access to the members' directory. Concurrently, if a drop-in user from one location purchases a subscription and becomes active in another location, they will again have access to everything across all locations and organizations in your brand.

Note that when you enable Multi-Organization Linking, you'll be able to select how to present the switch option to your members. You can label the option as:
  • Switch Organization
  • Switch Country
  • Switch Space

How Are Admins Affected

Nothing changes from an admin perspective. You will keep your separate organizations (accounts) in OfficeRnD Flex so your admin teams can manage them as usual. 

What are Travelers

Travelers are the members who visit multiple organizations. When a member switches from one organization to another via the members portal, part of their profile information is recreated in the new organizations. The system also tags them as Traveler.


What Part of the Member Profile is Recreated in the Other Organization

The Traveler profile copies the general, address, and billing information of the member who is switching. They are initially marked as a Contact until they purchase a service or book a room, in which case their Status can change to Drop-In or Active member. Custom property values will be copied as well, if they match targets and names.

When members 'travel' between accounts, they are flagged as Travellers and their home location, account credits, and discounts do not carry over to the account they are travelling to.

What if a member is registered in both organizations?

If the member was invited or has signed up (has username and password and can log into the MP) to both organizations before they switched, they will not be marked as a Traveler in Community/Members. This is because they have been registered in both organizations before they switched. Therefore, no information will be copied because it was already filled into each organization during registration.

If that's the case, there's no need to delete the member in any of the organizations, just to remove their Member Portal Access. When done, a new member (traveler) will be created when they switch. If needed, the old member can then be merged manually with the new one.

Where Can Admins Find Travelers

To find the travelers to your organization:

  • Log into your original OfficeRnD Flex admin account.
  • Navigate to Community/Members.
  • Look at the Mobility column or filter by Mobility from the top filters. 
  • Open the traveler profile and you will see them labeled on the left-hand side of the screen. You will also see the location they picked when they switched to the other organization.

  • When you export members, the exported information will also include the traveler label, as well as the organization from which they came. In the export, the information will be available in the Mobility and Created From columns. The Mobility column will include the Traveler label for any member who has switched to a different organization, and the Created From column will specify their original location. 
  • If a member is tied to a company, when the member switches organizations in the Members Portal, their company will also be copied as Traveler, unless it already exists. This way, the company billing information and details will be copied over, allowing the company to make purchases when necessary. The labeling and filtering of Traveler companies is the same as that of Traveler members.

What Should I Consider Before Enabling Multi-Organization Linking

  • Before enabling Multi-organization linking, think of how to present the switch option to your members. You can label the option as:

    • Switch Organization,
    • Switch Country
    • Switch Space

  • Next, get the names of all admin organizations whose member portals should be linked together:

    • Log in to the admin portal of OfficeRnD Flex.

    • For each organization in your brand, navigate to Settings/Account Details/Account Setup and copy the organization's name from the Name field.
  • Discuss the timeline that works best for your team and community. As this operation would affect your community, it is critical that we align the development time needed for the change with your internal plan. Please consider that the merging of portals takes up to 2 weeks

How To Enable Multi-Organization Linking

  1. Log in to one of your OfficeRnD Flex accounts.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Global Mobility and check if the feature is turned on.

If the feature is not enabled, contact to request that we enable multi-organization linking for your brand. Please include the information from the steps below.

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