Customize the Web Portal and the Employee Email Notifications

Set up the Web Portal

Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps and configure your Web Portal - the Employee-facing front end of OfficeRnD Hybrid.

  • General tab - This tab is used for activating the OfficeRnD Reception App and OfficeRnD Hybrid Work Mobile App.
  • Apps Pages tab - Review and customize the content of the Web Portal.
  • Theme - Define the theme of your Web Portal.
  • Localization - adjust the language settings of the Web Portal.
  • Custom Code - A section for CSS code to further customize the Web Portal.


Further reading: Add a Custom Page To The Web Portal

Configure default user notifications

Admins can configure default user notifications to fit their organization’s needs. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps and open the Notifications tab:

empl apps nots.png

Edit your organization’s default notifications settings and click Update. All new and existing users will have their notification settings updated automatically. The following options are available:

  • Check-in - Receive notifications when you are required to check in for a booking. We recommend leaving at least one channel on all times.
  • Booking - Receive notifications when creating, editing or cancelling bookings.
  • Booking Reminder Notifications - You will receive reminder notifications for upcoming bookings.
  • Recurring Booking Expiration - Receive notifications when your recurring bookings end.
  • Delegate Booking Notifications - Receive a copy of notifications when creating, editing or cancelling bookings on behalf of another user.

Note: Users can still change their personal notification preferences from their profile in the Members Portal.

Customize the employee email notifications

Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Emails. In this tab, you can view the default email templates available in OfficeRnD Hybrid and you can customize their content. Click on a template and it will open inside the Template Editor.


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