Add Admins in OfficeRnD Hybrid


In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can add employees as Admins. This means they will not only have access to the Web Portal but to the Admin site as well. You can do that by navigating to People Management/Employees or from any Team page.

Add Admin Access

  1. Navigate to People Management/Employees and find the employee that should have Admin access.
  2. Click on the cogwheel next to their access label under the Role column.
  3. Choose their Role and Location (if you want to specify a particular location).
    Note: Admin is the default role but you can create custom ones if needed.
  4. Click Update.

You can also do the same from any Team page:


If the person you are adding as an admin doesn't already have access to the Web Portal, they will receive an email with an activation link. Afterward, they'll be able to use the same credentials for both Admin and Web Portals.
If you are adding a person who already has Web Portal access, they will not receive the above email and can use their existing credentials to open the Admin Portal.

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