LiquidSpace is a hybrid workspace solution and an online marketplace that allows you to increase your space's exposure and list your bookable meeting rooms for potential customers.


Connect OfficeRnD Flex and LiquidSpace

  1. Decide which resources you want to expose via LiquidSpace. The integration allows you to expose your OfficeRnD Flex meeting rooms in LiquidSpace, making them publicly available via the LiquidSpace platform. Which rooms will be listed on LiquidSpace is something that you discuss with the LiquidSpace team during the setup of your account. You can expose all of your meeting rooms or only a select few.
    Note: At the moment, the integration doesn't allow you to expose custom resource types in LiquidSpace.
  2. Decide on the pricing model for the meeting rooms you'll expose via LiquidSpace. Note that you can have different prices for the meeting rooms considering the different target audiences. 
  3. Fill out a request form. To connect OfficeRnD Flex and LiquidSpace, fill out this form. Then a representative from LiquidSpace will get in touch in order to create an account for you and discuss which rooms you want to expose on their platform.

    OfficeRnD will handle the rest of the integration setup in collaboration with the LiquidSpace team. Once LiquidSpace has everything they need, they'll contact our team so we can configure the integration in your admin account:
    • We will add a LiquidSpace application in the "Developer Tools" section of your OfficeRnD Flex admin portal, which will be used to establish a connection between the two platforms.
    • We'll also create a teammate, named LiquidSpace Reservations, in your OfficeRnD Flex admin portal. This teammate will act as the requester of all bookings coming from LiquidSpace.

How Does It Work?

When OfficeRnD Flex and LiquidSpace’s integration is configured, a specific set of meeting rooms are exposed via the LiquidSpace platform. These meeting rooms can then be booked directly from LiquidSpace, with the billing, booking policies, and cancellation policies all being handled on the LiquidSpace side.

When someone books one of your meeting rooms in LiquidSpace, the integration syncs the booking with OfficeRnD Flex. In your OfficeRnD admin portal, the requester of the booking is always one and the same - LiquidSpace Reservations. They are an admin user profile part of your admin company account in OfficeRnD Flex

Find All LiquidSpace Bookings in OfficeRnD Flex

  • Navigate to Community/Bookings.
  • Open the Filters and select LiquidSpace integration.
  • Review the selected period and adjust it as necessary


Frequently Asked Questions

Which System Charges the User for the Booking?

All fees associated with the bookings created in LiquidSpace are handled on LiquidSpace's end.
The external bookings that are synced to OfficeRnD will appear as free since the billing is handled in LiquidSpace.

Is There a Cancellation Policy Applied to Bookings Made in LiquidSpace?

Bookings created in LiquidSpace will not adhere to the cancellation policies created in OfficeRnD Flex.

LiquidSpace applies a default cancellation policy for all hourly bookings:

  • Hourly reservations are charged 24 hours before the scheduled start time.
  • Reservations canceled up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time will not be charged.
  • Reservations canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start will be charged the full cost of the reservation and are not eligible for a refund.

If a reservation is booked with less than 24 hours notice, a guest will have 1 hour from the time they booked to cancel and not be charged for the reservation.

How can a User Edit a Booking Created via LiquidSpace?

If a booking was created in LiquidSpace all changes should be handled in the LiquidSpace portal.
These changes will then be pushed to OfficeRnD Flex

Bookings that originate in LiquidSpace cannot be edited in the OfficeRnD Flex admin portal as the integration works only in the direction from LiquidSpace to OfficeRnD Flex.

Can Users Purchase Add-Ons via LiquidSpace?

No, LiquidSpace does not allow the purchases of any add-ons as part of bookings.

When a Booking is Created in LiquidSpace, is a User Created as a Drop-In on the OfficeRnD side?

No, when a booking is created in LiquidSpace, it is created on the OfficeRnD Flex side under the admin company profile, using a specifically dedicated admin user who acts as the Member for whom the booking is created. LiquidSpace does not create any members or companies on the OfficeRnD side.

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