Switch Your Desk

Sometimes, you'd want to sit at another desk. Depending on your company's settings in OfficeRnD Hybrid, there are two ways to switch your desk for the day.

Cancel Your Booking and Book Again

Navigate to either your Office Map page or Schedule page and cancel your booking. Then simply choose another desk.

Office Map



Note that clicking Book here will book the last desk you have been at automatically. This is why we recommend clicking Book on the Office Map instead. Bear in mind this page might be named differently on your OfficeRnD platform.


Switch Desk

This functionality is much simpler but needs to be set by your Admin team. It comes as an effect of a restriction on placing overlapping bookings. More details are available here

To switch your desk, open your Office Map, and click on the desk you want to move to. Then Switch Desk.


Bear in mind that Team Leads and Admins are not affected by the restriction and will be able to book another desk while this setting is enabled.



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