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The most important thing when it comes to billing your customers is the billing plans you have set up in your OfficeRnD organization. Those are managed in the Billing/Plans and there are two types of plans:

  • Recurring plans that recur every month
  • One-off plans that occur only once

This focuses on configuring a one-off billing plan. Learn more

  1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to the Billing & Products module and select Billing Plans

General Tab

Billing Tab

Passes Tab

Member Apps Tab

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal at

2. Click on Billing & Products Module


3. Click on Plans


4. Select Add Plan


5. Click on One-off


6. Select a Plan Type

  • There are four main types of plans in OfficeRnD each one of which serves a certain purpose; Private office, dedicated desk, hot desk, and service.
  • If you don't want to use the default plan types or would like to add more types, you can do that by following this guide.


7. Enter a Name


8. Enter a Price

This is a one-time fee/charge expected for the service.


9. Enter a plan Description


10. Select Locations (Optional)

(applicable to multi-location spaces only)

The locations in which the plan is available.


11. Click on Billing


12. Select the (revenue) account

Choose one of the revenue accounts from the dropdown list


13. Click on Passes


14. Enter the Number of Passes

The number of day passes distributed each time this one-off plan is purchased.


15. Click on Member Apps

Configure if the plan is available for purchase through the tenant-facing Members portal.


16. Select the Privacy

  • Available on signup and for drop-in users - Specifies if the plan is available for direct purchase on the sign-up page and drop-in members.
  • Available for members - Specifies if the plan is available for purchase by people who already have accounts in the Portal. You can then specify the following:
    • Contact person - When the member is part of a company, they would only see this plan if they are a Billing or Contact person for that company.
    • All active company members - The plan can be purchased by any active member, even if they are not their company's Billing or Contact person.


17. Select the Features

Request approval - If this option is checked the plan won’t be available for direct purchase. Rather the new member will make a request which will result in:

  1. A profile is created for them in the system.
  2. A membership is created with the status “Not approved”.
  3. Manually approve the newly created membership.


18. Click on Add to create the one-off plan


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