Define & Add Custom Contract Types


The Contracts module allows you to create Membership, License, and Lease Agreements to manage your Members in a more structured way. Click here to learn more.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to the Settings module and update/add the contract types in Platform Modules/Contracts.

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Although they share most of the basic properties, there are major differences between individual contract types:

  • The Membership Agreement is more popular in the Coworking World and is a way to put a framework and structure around the relationship between you and your members.
  • The License Agreement is more structured around the exact office that is provided to the customer.
  • The Lease Agreement, also known as a Tenancy or Rental agreement, is usually signed between a Tenant and a Landlord.

Create Your Own Contract Type (optional)

Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Contracts and click on Add Contract Type.

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In the dialog that opens:

add ct type.png

1. Enter a name for the contract type.

2. Enter the type code - a unique ID that the system will use to handle contracts of that type. The field is filled in automatically as you input a name. It can be changed manually if needed.

3. Enter a Description as a short summary of the contract type and what it is used for.

4. Select the Primary Items - types of resources or plans that must be added to a contract before it can be signed. At least one item of the Primary items list must be selected when creating a contract, or it cannot be signed.

5. Select Documents - Contracts of this type will have the selected documents (such as T&Cs) appended to them by default. This can be changed for individual contracts while creating or editing them.

6. Select the Template - the default Contract Template for this contract type that will be used for the PDF version.

7. Click on Add to create the contract type.



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