Invite Members in Bulk to the Members Portal


Inviting members in bulk can send all selected members to the Member Portal. Learn more

IMPORTANT: The invite can only be made for selected members. It's not possible to bulk invite all members.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the selected members all have emails defined in their profiles in OfficeRnD, otherwise the system won't be able to send them invites.

  1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to the Community module and navigate to Users

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal

2. Click on the Community module


3. Click on Users


4. Users Overview

A "User" connects the Member to the Member's Portal, e.g when you're enabling a member in order to grant them access to the members portal.

You're issuing permissions to the user that exists in the system to access the member portal.

The overview contains the member's name, company, location, email, if they've received an invitation, status, privacy of their profile, and time/date if they've accepted the terms and conditions.


5. Check the Checkbox to select all users


6. Click Invite


7. Invite Members

The pop-up will display a confirmation to Invite the users or to resend invitations if they've been invited previously.


8. Click on Invite

The member will receive a Welcome email from OfficeRnD. This is a templated email in the platform that can be edited for more personalization and accuracy.

IMPORTANT: The invitation email contains a token that logs the member in the portal and prompts them to create a password. The token is only valid for72 hours.

A Member successfully Invited message will appear once completed.



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