OfficeRnD makes hybrid work successful for your organization and employees through easy-to-use software that fits seamlessly into your tech stack.

With OfficeRnD's Slack app, employees can easily plan their office visits without leaving Slack:

  • View your office Schedule.
  • Book desks by location, floor, neighborhood, and required amenities.
  • Slack command for desk booking:
  • See which colleagues are in the office each day. Favorites will be displayed first.
  • Links to view Office Map, book meeting rooms, and more.
  • Check in or Cancel your bookings.
Additional details
  • In order to use the app, the person should have an account in OfficeRnD with an email address matching the one they use in Slack.
  • Only employees with access to the OfficeRnD Web Portal can use the app.

Install OfficeRnD Hybrid Work in Slack

First, you'd need to install the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app in your Slack Workspace.

Once the app has been installed, it will appear in your Slack with your Workspace ID. This ID is used in the configuration on our end.


Configure in OfficeRnD

  1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations.
  2. Find Slack Hybrid Work and Activate.
  3. Click Configure and paste your Workspace ID.
  4. Hit Done to finish the setup.mceclip2.png

Now Your Slack workspace is connected to OfficeRnD Hybrid

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