Member of Multiple Teams


Often times your company's organizational structure requires one employee to be part of multiple teams. For example, a manager can be part of a global manager group/team and then be part of their own group/team. OfficeRnD Hybrid can handle that.

If you have enabled User provisioning, your abilities to influence the number of teams someone is part of will be limited.

Member of Multiple Teams Without User Provisioning

If you have not set up any provisioning from your Active Directory, you can easily appoint Primary and Additional teams to your employees. They can also be Team Leads in any of those teams.

  1. Open the user profile of an Employee.
  2. Add a Team. This will be the Primary team.
  3. Add additional teams - here, you can specify the other teams that they belong to.


Member of Multiple Teams with User Provisioning

If you enable SCIM user provisioning with Azure or Okta, you can administer all the Teams and Employees structures in your provisioning setup and Active Directory. You can also create, edit, or modify Teams and Employees without this affecting your AD. E.g you can manually change the team for an employee here and it will not move them to another AD group.

Multiple teams are not supported with Google Directory Sync yet.

Azure Provisioned Users

If you have a user set up to be part of several groups in Azure and you provision those groups, this will be applied to the employee record on our end. Any changes you make, such as switching employees between teams, will not be overwritten by Azure.


Okta Provisioned Users

With Okta, you can recreate the exact same setup. Okta will not overwrite any changes.



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