Daily Work Location & Who's In


Employees might need to specify their daily work location if they are not in the office. OfficeRnD supports that with the Daily Work Location.


How to Set Work Location

Employees can set their work location for the day(s) they would not be attending the office from the Schedule page of the Web Portal. For any of the days that do not have a desk booking, the employees will have a Change location button where they can enter their work location if they won't be working from both the office and from home.

The functionality is powered by Google Maps in order to verify the address.


Audit Check-ins

When a user checks-in, this gets recorded automatically. However, you need to manually refresh the Who's In page in your browser to view the latest data.

It's also possible to audit check-ins from Settings/Advanced Settings/Audit Log. Click on the check-in record to open it and look at the available data. In this example, we're looking at the source field which tells us that the check-in originates from wi-fi (likely an automatic wi-fi check-in).


Export Work Location & Who's In Data

The work location data and who's in data can be exported into a CSV file directly from the widgets.

  1. Navigate to People/Who's in.
  2. (optional) Filter the Daily Work Location information by year, month, and location.
  3. Click on the Export button xport btn.png .


The CSV Export file for the Who’s In widget includes the following fields:

  • Employee name
  • Employee email
  • Location
  • Floor
  • Booking Start
  • Booking End
  • Checked-in? (Empty if not checked-in)
  • Check-in Time (Empty if not checked-in)


All bookable desks are included in the Who’s In data. This includes standard hotdesks, custom bookable desks, and even dedicated desks where the user has booked it or indicated they will be In Office.

We don’t currently include Space bookings in the Who’s In modal, because the most popular Space resource (Meeting rooms) often includes users who are joining the meeting remotely and won’t necessarily be in the office.

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