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Discount Codes allow Non-members to book Resources (such as Meeting Rooms and Hotdesks) from the Public Calendar at discounted rates. In this article, we'll take a look at setting up Discount Codes, Discount Code Campaigns (with discounts duration & availability), and monitoring of Campaign KPIs.

Discount codes are used exclusively by Non-members. Unlike them, OfficeRnD Members may already have Resource Rate Discounts and Plan Discounts in their Memberships. If so, these discounts are automatically applied and no codes are entered.

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Enabling Discount Codes

1. Navigate to Settings/Member apps/Public pages.

2. Enable the Public Calendar Page and Discount codes options and click on the Update button at the bottom of the page.

public disc.png


With both settings enabled, Non-members will be able to enter Discount Codes when booking Resources from the Public Calendar in the Members portal:


A Discount Code can be used just once. After the booking is created, the code will be subtracted from the Codes Total amount. Changing (or cancelling) the booking will not return the code.

If a customer is recognized as an Active Member in the Create Account booking stage, the discount code will not be applied. Instead, any discounts included in their Membership Plan will.

Discount Code Creation & Usage

There are two types of Discounts in OfficeRnD Flex - Resource Rate Discounts (applied to Resource Rates) and Plan Discounts (applied to Billing Plans). Non-members can use only Resource Rate Discount Codes to make Bookings from the Public Calendar.

Discount Code Campaign Setup

When (or after) creating a Discount Code, you can edit a pair of parameters that make it possible to organize a Discount Code Campaign:


  • Code Validity - Start and End Dates can be set to make time-limited Discount Codes. The dates cannot be in the past (expired), and the End date cannot precede the Start date.
  • Codes Total - This is the Total Amount of available Discount Codes. It can be increased or decreased, as long as it's not less than the amount of codes already used.

Discount Code Campaign Tips

  • You can create a Draft campaign by entering zero total codes at first. Then, you can increase their amount once you are ready to launch.
  • A campaign can be deleted at any point. This action will invalidate the generated code for future use. However, discounts made to previous bookings won't be impacted.

Monitoring Campaign KPIs

The results from your campaigns can be monitored in two ways:

1) In Billing & Products/Discounts, the main grid shows a Usage column that indicates how many out of the available codes have been used:


2) In Analytics/Bookings & Utilization/Overview, three specialized filters let you screen the booking data for Discount Code usage:


  • Booking Origin - Filters results by where the code was applied.
  • Applied Discount - Filters results to include or exclude any discounts applied to them.
  • Discount Code - Filters results by only showing booking information related to a specific code.
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