How to define the price of your offices with a single Billing plan

This video tutorial explains how offices that differ by size and price but offer the same services (i.e. the amount of Booking Credits) can have their prices defined with a single Billing plan. This simplifies administration by reducing the number of Billing plans for office spaces. The functionality is also available when Importing Resources.

OfficeRnD is under intense development and gets updated constantly. Therefore, you may spot some differences in the UI between the videos and the platform. Generally, the instructions remain the same. Please refer to our help articles for the most up-to-date information.

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  • This article/video is the key one that I have been looking for over the past few days. It answers my need to have different pricing for the same resource. Something which the "Add a Billing Plan" page fails to address.

    It would be best if this whole section for "Videos & Tutorials" was before the "Get Started" section, as these videos do a much better job of explaining the concepts than the written articles.

    It would also be handy if these videos were linked from their respective written article page. For example, this page needs to be linked from the "Add a Billing Plan" page.

  • Greetings, Chad!

    I'm in charge of OfficeRnD documentation. I'm sincerely grateful that you took the time to provide such constructive feedback.

    Your advice is on point. The articles should be more inclusive of the videos we have. I'll keep that in mind when revising. I'll also amend the Billing plan article when I finish responding.

    Do you mind explaining why it was so difficult to find the video? It sounds like you had to 'stumble upon it' instead of the search taking you to it.



  • Hi Lyubomir, thanks for the reply. You are correct that I 'stumbled' upon this article. It didn't surface in my searches, but I may have been using incorrect search terms.

    Firstly, I would like to say that it is great to have a product that isn't afraid to create a detailed Help Center. However, I have two general comments that I have encountered regarding the entire catalogue of written articles.

    1. It would appear that ORnD has gone through some notable changes in the past few years. But, the necessary updates have not yet made it through to the HC. This has made it slightly more difficult to understand and learn the product.
    2. The help articles explain how to do something, but often lack why you might do it a certain way. That is why this video was useful, and the Billing Plan article not so much.
      Each HC Topic (like Billing Plans) might benefit from an opening article (an Introduction) that covers the general principles of how that feature works and maybe some use cases. This might be an even better place to put a video like this one.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to delete my messages after you're done with them.

  • Chad, thanks for the insight! These are valuable suggestions that will help us push the help articles in the right direction. The article updates are being worked on.


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