Microsoft Teams - Start OfficeRnD Hybrid Trial

We've made it possible to start a trial of OfficeRnD Hybrid directly from Microsoft Teams.

Doing so will automatically create an OfficeRnD account for you, and set up your Single Sign-On and Microsoft Teams integrations.

How it Works

It all starts with finding the OfficeRnD Hybrid app in Microsoft Teams and adding it. It's best if a Global Admin user does that as there are permissions to be granted.

  1. Open Microsft Teams and search for OfficeRnD Hybrid in Teams apps.
  2. Add it to your Teams.
  3. Click on the Book tab and click Start Free Trial.s1.PNG
  4. Pick your O365 account (a Global Admin one).
  5. Grant the needed permissions.s3.PNG
  6. Give it some time to finish up the process of creating an account for you in OfficeRnD and setting up your integrations.
  7. When it's ready, click on Login with Azure AD SSO to open a default Office Map.s5.PNG
  8. Open your mailbox and look for an email sent from OfficeRnD. It will have an Activation link which will help you set your Admin Portal password.


Check Getting Started to build your OfficeRnD platform.

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