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The How to Guides section of OfficeRnD allows you to add articles for your employees, visible in the Web Portal. They can be for anything, from How to Book a Desk to WIFI passwords or internal rules.

Add a How to Guide

To add an article, go to Collaboration/How to Guides and use the Add Article option. 

When you are adding or editing a How to Guide, you will have the following options:

  • Name - Enter a name for the guide.
  • Locations - Select the locations this guide is applicable to, or leave the field blank to ensure the guide is available to all.
  • Content - Enter the content of the guide. You can copy & paste an entire document here, including images
  • File - You can attach a file with instructions that can be downloaded by users viewing the guide. 
  • URL - You can set a URL that your users can follow when viewing the guide - it can redirect them to a more detailed guide or other resources that are not in OfficeRnD.

add howto.png

Enable How to Guides

To enable the functionality:

  1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Aps/App Pages.
  2. Check the How to Guides box.
  3. Scroll down and hit the Update button.appspages.png

Rename the How-to Guides Section in the Web Portal

If you'd like to change the name of the section that appears in the Web Portal, you can amend it by navigating to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Aps/App Pages. Scroll down to Main Menu and click on How to Guides.

empl apps.png

Here, you can change the order of the menu item, edit the Title, and change the Icon.

edit menu item.png

Here is an example from the Web Portal:

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