Using VLAN Tags With IronWiFi & OfficeRnD


The VLAN tagging functionality available in OfficeRnD is designed to address the two main use cases operators are facing when managing their WiFi network with VLANs:

  1. Tag the traffic of a group of members having memberships of the same type with the same VLAN tag. The main scenario for this use case is Coworking/Flex members whose traffic is supposed to be separated from Guests and other Members (Office tenants).
  2. Provide a unique VLAN tag to each company that occupies one or more offices or has one or multiple memberships with the same operator.

Before You Begin


VLAN Settings

Operators can enable and manage different aspects of VLAN tagging from the Network, VLANs, and VLANs Management tabs in the Configure Iron WiFi window. Each tab is explained below.

Network tab


The Network tab contains the following options:

  • Enable or disable the VLAN Tagging functionality.
  • Tunnel Type and Tunnel Medium Type are specific properties used by the integration when sending information to IronWiFi. The default values for each are 13 and 6, but they can be changed if needed - contact customer support.
  • Tunnel Private Group lets you specify which of the two VLAN properties (VLAN Name or VLAN ID) should be sent to IronWiFi when a user authenticates successfully.

VLANs tab


In the VLANs tab, admins can see the number of VLAN tags available for use (including imported ones) and add or remove VLAN tags.

  • The small gray circle vlan_tags.png shows the total number of VLAN tags in the organization (both used and available).
  • VLAN tags that are already assigned are greyed out and cannot be modified or removed,

To add new VLAN tags, click on the + button and enter the VLAN Name and ID.


To remove a VLAN tag, simply click on the trashcan.png button next to it.

VLANs Management tab


The VLANs Management tab allows operators to choose which VLAN tag (ID - Name) will be automatically assigned to members/companies with active plans.

Automatic assignments can happen according to the Plan Name or Plan Type. The following rules apply:

  • VLAN tags are always assigned for Companies and Members with the status Pending or Active and cannot be assigned to Inactive Companies and Members
  • VLAN tags are automatically unassigned if a Company/Member no longer has an active membership.
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