The CardConnect integration lets you connect OfficeRnD Flex to CardConnect's credit card payment services.

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!
The CardConnect integration is a Premium Payment Gateway integration. It's included in the OfficeRnD Grow and Scale subscription plans free of charge. For the Start plan, Premium Payment Gateway integrations can be unlocked as a paid add-on. You can learn more here.

Before You Proceed

Once you sign up for CardConnect, please request the following information from CardConnect Support (if you don't already have it):

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • A Merchant ID for each location in your Flex organization that you want to use CardConnect with.

You will also need the Site URL for your CardConnect account i.e.

Setting Up

Once you've received the required information:

1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations and find CardConnect under 'Payments'.

2. Click Add.


3. Under CardConnect, click Configure.


4. Enter the locations that you want to use the integration with. If you want to use the integration across your entire organization, leave the Location field blank and click Add.


5. Enter the Site URL, API Username, and API Password in the respective fields.

6. (Optional) Enable Credit Card and ACH payments.

7. Enter the Merchant ID for your location(s) in the respective field(s).


8. Click Save.

If you experience any issues with the integration setup, get in touch with our Support Team.

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