Salto KS Not Granting Location-based Access to Members


It's possible to have two Salto KS integrations connected simultaneously, i.e. one for all locations and one for a specific location. When so, you may face an issue where some members are not granted access to the access groups for this location.

This can be especially confusing when all members have the same memberships and access permissions but some don't get the correct location-based access permissions. The reason for this has to do with how location mappings work in Salto KS.

Location Mappings

Location mappings work only when the member has a membership assigned to a resource that resides in the respective location. In a group of three members, two did not receive access because of this, and the one that did had a day pass. Day passes are mapped to the same groups that the location is mapped to, hence they are exempt from the rule.

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