User Provisioning Integration

When Hybrid Workplaces is activated, a Hybrid account is automatically provisioned for each Flex user. This article explains the process in more detail.

User Provisioning Integration

When Hybrid accounts are provisioned, the User Provisioning integration appears under Settings/Integrations/Directory and SSO in the Hybrid Admin. The integration syncs user data from Flex to Hybrid (one-direction sync) every hour. Manual sync on-demand is also an option.

Note: Deleting members from Flex will not result in any changes in Hybrid.

User Data Sync

The following user data is synced:

1. Emails, name, and profile photos from the Flex profile to the Hybrid profile.

Note: Members without an email in Flex will not be synced to Hybrid.

2. Member status:

  • Members with a status different from Active will be synced as Former in Hybrid.
  • Members that are already Former in Flex will not be synced to Hybrid unless they are re-activated.
  • Billing persons and Contact persons become Admin users in Hybrid.

Further reading: Learn more about Member/Company Statuses and Labels

3. Member language. If the language is not supported in Hybrid, it will default to English.

Note: Hybrid supports all languages from Flex except Finnish, Norwegian Nynorsk, and Greek.

Further reading: Change the Member Portal Language



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